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A picture book about KINTARO. One of the most famous folktales in Japan. KINTARO, who lives in the mountains, is kind and powerful. KINTARO has a reputation for being a strong Sumo wrestler, and many animals gather around him. Then Kintaro has to fight a bear from the next mountain. How will he win or lose? Japanese and English. Picture Book / 2018 46 pages Origami Sumo paper included for first edition only. 24 x 24 x 1.0 cm Publishing: Tang Deng 金太郎。 日本で最も有名な昔話の一つ。 山に暮らす金太郎は優しくて力持ち。相撲が強いと評判の金太郎に多くの動物たちが集まってきます。そして隣山の熊と戦うことになった金太郎。勝敗の行方は? 日本語と英語。 絵本 / 2018年 46ページ 初版分のみ「折り紙相撲と土俵」付き 24 x 24 x 1.0 cm 出版: Tang Deng

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